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Fuzzer count 1
Lines of code 21109
Lines covered 8376
Code coverage 39.68%
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Static reachability 4.39%
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Historical progression

Functions of interest to fuzz

This section outlines functions that may be of interest to fuzz. They are based on ranking functions that have a lot of complexity but currently exhibit low code coverage. The complexity is calculated based on the function itself as well as the functions called by the given function, i.e. the tree of code that the function triggers.

This is only a minor amount of introspection information available for this project. Please consult the Fuzz Introspector report for more information, e.g. the introspection table of all functions in the target project available here.

Function name Function source file Accumulated cyclomatic complexity Code coverage
...fuzz_jwt.TestOneInput ...fuzz_jwt 198 0.0%
...fuzz_jwt.test_get ...fuzz_jwt 183 0.0%
...fuzz_jwt.test_encodings ...fuzz_jwt 168 0.0%
jwt.jwks_client.PyJWKClient.get_signing_key_from_jwt jwt.jwks_client 167 0.0%
flask.helpers.stream_with_context.decorator flask.helpers 163 0.0%
flask.sansio.blueprints.Blueprint.record_once.wrapper flask.sansio.blueprints 144 0.0%
...fuzz_jwt.get_app ...fuzz_jwt 108 0.0%
flask.cli.ScriptInfo.load_app flask.cli 99 9.523%
...fuzz_jwt.test_get.custom ...fuzz_jwt 92 0.0%
flask.sansio.blueprints.Blueprint.register flask.sansio.blueprints 84 0.0%